Creator / Producer / Screenwriter / Co-Author

The journey is the exclusive realm where truths in life are uncovered. When you consider that much of recorded history is essentially historical fiction, it becomes clear that only a handful of voices determined what would be documented over time. In my narratives, the focal point will always be the journey, for it's within these paths that our lives and destinies are intricately shaped.

In contemporary times, perception wields a greater influence over reality than reality does over perception. This human susceptibility provides storytellers the creative autonomy to reshape and reconfigure fiction, giving birth to new perceptions of reality. It's a contemplative concept, a fresh historical viewpoint rooted in the innocent and joyful gaze we possessed during the days when our understanding of life compelled us to gaze at the sky.

Through my work, I aim to capture the moments within struggles, pursuits, and chaos, crafting narratives that align with each individual on their unique journeys. These stories will resonate deeply and profoundly on various levels, at different moments.

As an artist, I wield both a sword and a brush to forge visually captivating and poetically surreal worlds. The environments my characters inhabit become immersive backdrops, transporting readers to places they yearn to explore, experience, and even embody.

With humility and gratitude, I extend an earnest request: grant me the privilege of guiding you through your forthcoming journey.

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