The ‘Net Effect’ & ‘Spellbound’

The Net Effect

The Sum of Our Actions

Story Summary: 

Twelve-year-old Kyle Thomas is forced to take control of his own destiny, in order to save his fathers life.

TNE offers a uniquely compelling tale of the bond  between a father and son.

Kyle Thomas, the sole child of a typical military household, finds himself in the midst of a unique upbringing. His father, Eric, a seasoned marine helicopter pilot, has devoted 22 years to the Corps. However, the demands of Eric's profession have often left him with limited time to engage in his son's life, particularly when it comes to Kyle's passion for soccer. It's worth noting that Eric himself excelled as a midfielder and even pursued the sport in Europe prior to his college and Marine Corps days.

Under the persistent encouragement of his wife and son, Eric reluctantly agrees to an early retirement due to the escalating Middle East tensions. He takes on a role as a consultant for the Department of Defense while simultaneously stepping into the role of Kyle's soccer coach. As Eric's retirement draws nearer, the anticipation builds, with just ninety-four days left to the awaited moment.

Eric's new role as coach for Kyle's nationally ranked club team takes a dramatic turn when he is abruptly summoned away following a devastating suicide bombing that claims the lives of six pilots. Amid the chaos, Eric and Kyle manage a heartfelt conversation over the phone. With his upcoming deployment date marked on the calendar and his son's team poised for the finals against the state champions, Eric leaves Kyle with a resolute promise: "When you beat the Rangers, I'll be coming home." Regrettably, these words mark the last communication between father and son, leaving Kyle with a poignant memory etched in time.

Kyle’s life is abruptly turned upside down when his father ends up missing in action, days later. Kyle must somehow find the strength to overcome his perceived control over the events unfolding around him. He has only one chance to bring his father home, and it requires his team defeating a team who has not lost in over two years and easily defeated Kyle's team, the Wave, earlier that year.

As a sign of desperation, Kyle tries to start coaching his players at night, and attempts to hire a new coach. He also begins studying Lucid Dreaming as a means to find and communicate with Eric.   The resulting practices create chaos and even more challenges for Kyle to overcome, as this is a burden, he must carry alone, or risk his mother, coaches, friends and family, thinking that the stress has driven him mad.

The Lucid Dreaming allows us to create surreal worlds, where Kyle struggles to connect with his father in immersive, dangerous and compelling environments. But he must succeed, as failure is not an option.

A coming of age story that rivals, Life is Beautiful. Yet in TNE, a young boy is forced to create a world, inside his world, to protect himself and his family.

Producers describe TNE as: "A Fusion of Life is Beautiful, The Sixth Sense and Avatar"

As a Sixth Sense

"The Net Effect seamlessly blends the heartwarming essence of 'Life is Beautiful' and the captivating intrigue of 'The Sixth Sense,' while carving its unique path within the realm of Fantasy Drama.

Through the lens of TNE, you're invited to embark on an enigmatic odyssey, guided by the innocent and unfiltered perspective of a child. This remarkable journey delves into the complexities of war, unveiling its perils, trials, and the unanticipated bonds that can form even amidst its tumult.

While bearing resemblance to the cinematic powerhouses that collectively amassed a staggering 1.2 billion in revenue, 'The Net Effect' stands apart as a cinematic revelation of its own. Its narrative tapestry weaves a distinctive and enthralling narrative tapestry, defying conventional norms."

A Novel and Screenplay by Richard & Dusty


Similar Story - Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

The parallels in balance and stages between 'The Net Effect' and 'Life is Beautiful' are striking. At the heart of both narratives lies the profound bond shared between a father and his son. In 'The Net Effect,' this connection manifests as the son grapples with the weighty responsibility of rescuing his father, safeguarding his mother, and reconciling with his former coach, all while navigating the challenges introduced by a new coach.

Similarly, in 'Life is Beautiful,' the father takes center stage as the protagonist, employing remarkable resilience to shield his son from the harsh realities of their circumstances. In 'The Net Effect,' Kyle is entwined in a struggle between actuality and the perceived influence over his family's destiny—a kinship with the young boy in 'Life is Beautiful,' who employs a survival-oriented mindset within his own challenging milieu.

In 'The Net Effect,' Eric, the father, assumes a heroic role supporting his fellow comrades, until fate thrusts upon him a predicament that jeopardizes his very role as a father. Despite being continents apart, both father and son muster every ounce of determination to surmount the obstacles that stand in the way of their long-awaited reunion, seeking to restore their family's unity once more.

Indie Movie Produced in 1997. Worldwide Box Office: $229,400,000 Worldwide DVD: $196,700,0


Love Captures All

A Historical Fiction TV Series

Spellbound is a transcending love story wrapped in dangerous espionage, mystical intrigue, and political turmoil, in early 17th Century Europe.

A compelling tale of regional conflict centered on the Cossacks of Ukraine and a regional trade company out of England. Competing with the East Indian Trading Company for alliances and trade route dominance creates pathways for unique relationships with captivating characters and story arcs.

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